Longgang Ecological Park Open to Visit 海大龍崗生態園區螢火蟲現蹤

National Taiwan Ocean University’s Longgang Ecological Park is rich in natural ecological resources, and each year from April to May there are large numbers of fireflies flying to and fro there as if in an airborne dance.


The University pointed out that fireflies are one of the indicators of water quality and the environment. They are located in the Longgang Ecological Park on the university’s campus, an area without excessive man-made facilities, and little man-made damage, where the natural ecological environment has been well preserved. This is an area very suitable for the breeding of fireflies, and every year during the firefly breeding season in late spring and early summer, there are always large numbers of fireflies to be seen.


This year’s Firefly Season officially opened from April 30 until mid-May. There are three firefly ecology commentary tours every night, and interested people are welcome to register to take part.




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