Keelung Islet is set to reopen soon 「台灣龍珠」基隆嶼重新開放

This year’s coming of age ceremonial event in Keelung challenged what is known as the “Pearl of Taiwan Dragon,” Keelung Islet. As there is limited space on the top of the rock of Keelung Islet, it is not possible to let hundreds of people climb to the summit. Instead, at the event, each school sent a representative to climb to the top while the rest of the students did beach cleaning on the hiking trail. It allows students participating in the coming of age ceremony to take the lead in seeing the beautiful scenery of Keelung Islet.


Due to natural disasters, Keelung Islet’s pier has been closed for renovations for over three years, and will reopen to allow sightseers onto the island at the end of September. First, the coming of age ceremony was held there on the 20th, for which there were 11 high schools and vocational schools from all over the city taking part, with each school sending 10 student representatives to participate. Keelung Islet is a well-known sightseeing spot in Keelung City which once set a record of 70,000 tourists visiting the island in one year.


Keelung Islet, known as the “Pearl of the Taiwan Dragon” will be reopened to visitors this year. Many recreational fishing boats are ready and waiting to set sail. In order to let the beauty of Keelung Islet welcome its guests, the Keelung City Government embarked on a beach cleaning campaign in mid-May involving over 500 people.


At that time, the city government’s News Department took a photographic drone, to shoot aerial views from above the pier. Many people exclaimed with surprise that they had seen sharks, which also made Keelung Islet an overnight news sensation. In the early stage of opening, an operational mode will be adopted, allowing visitors to be exempt from resource conservation and environmental maintenance costs, with only sailing fees for recreational fishing boats to be charged.



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